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We Are The Vaccine by Red Ash Hill


Red Ash Hill Artist Statement.

Born on the South Side of a Northern City, Redwood Hill is an autodidactic, multi-hyphenated visual/literary artist, seeking to situate themselves within a community & practice of archival reconstruction and revisioning of modern, culturally dominant lenses. By employing high pigment, language, disparate materials, & expressive mark making, they interrogate a chaos of identities in a ceaseless ending and renewal under racial capitalism, presenting othered bodies that articulate extreme fatigue, stress, are in states of rest & resistance, suffused with context and texture of the lived and imagined experiences of other queer, black bodies in relation to systems of globalism. Represented on canvas, in critical verse, in swirls of copper monies, spiraling towards worthlessness, & in the burning and mending of backs of wood. Redwood’s work reflects the mutability of identity and social location.

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