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Legacy Collection

ERC1155’s mission is to represent and empower Black and Ethnically diverse creators/artists in the NFT market and web 3.0. To showcase their exceptional masterpieces to the world by empowering and positioning them with the right tools in this new digital economy, in Web 3.0. In addition, curating exceptional art for collectors to own. Aligning the standards of the real-world Art gallery class with the fast pace of Web 3.0. Utilities:

  1. All “MNFTM Legacy Collection” NFT holders will have ‘first’ access to any Airdrops from our platform
  2. All “MNFTM Legacy Collection” NFT holders will have VIP access to our “Comearth” metaverse curated art gallery displays of new releases from the artists & music on our “Comearth” metaverse Amphitheater
  3. Collectors get a 5% discount on their collections via rebate
  4. Automatic enrollment to future metaverse wearable drops (participation required)
  5. 10% of all proceeds from sale of all “Legacy Collection” NFTs will be held in a separate account that will be used to promote training (education) and helping our creators out there who cannot afford to mint and promote their work. This enables us to reinforce our vision of enabling Black and ethnically diverse creators all over the world to participate and thrive in this new digital economy.

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