The inspiration for this song came one day after thinking about how to push beyond the boundaries and limits of my comfort zone and trying different unique and alternative ways to enhance and improve my quality of life through diet, exercise, meditation and also how to maximize my creative potential as aN artist and Visionary. I also re enforced the approach of fearlessness and persistence that was instilled in me by my father who always told me that ANYTHING is Possible. This mindset allows for the continued relentless pursuit of all of my purpose driven life goals. As they say “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. <br></br> ### Utilities: —All NFT holders will receive a POAP NFT to attend one Virtual/Metaverse concert <br> —All NFT holders will get first dibs on all Prescott Ellison’s drops<br> —An entry to win a “golden” ticket and winner will have a custom song created for them by Prescott Ellis; Winner will participate in the creative process and proceeds of song

Minted on: 8th Feb 2023
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