Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

This song was inspired One evening when I was laying in bed thinking about some of life’s obstacles I was dealing with at the time and the tug of war going on inside my head between either dwelling on the adversities I was dealing with at the time or focusing on solutions to resolve the problems. After falling asleep and waking up the next morning my mother called to say hi and before getting of the phone, she said “Everything is Gonna Be Aright” and that stuck in my head which inspired me to write the song. <br></br> ### Utilities: —All NFT holders will receive a POAP NFT to attend one Virtual/Metaverse concert <br> —All NFT holders will get first dibs on all Prescott Ellison’s drops<br> —An entry to win a “golden” ticket and winner will have a custom song created for them by Prescott Ellis; Winner will participate in the creative process <br> —Holder will participate in the proceeds when custom song is minted<br> —Unlockable contents – Download full song

Minted on: 5th Feb 2023
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